Who: You are invited! We are also inviting the Honolulu Department of Transportation Service, First Responders (HPD, EMS and HFD), Hawaii Department of Health, Local Schools and Churches, Senator Dela Cruz, Representative Perruso, Councilmember Tsuneyoshi, and community partners to attend. What: Hawaii Bicycling League and Blue Zones Project Wahiawa requests your participation in a Solutions Meeting When: Monday, June 24th, 2:30 - 4:30 pm (might be done by 4:00 pm)  Where: 910 California Ave - Lawn in front of Hawaii Public Nursing Program and next to Wahiawa Transit Center Why: The Solutions Meeting is in response to multiple accidents taking place in Wahiawa.  California Avenue has a history of pedestrian and bicycle safety issues with 2 deaths -Jose C. Malapit in 2015 and Millard Clifton Jr. in 2017 - and a number of serious injuries in the last 5 years 2014-18.   How: This meeting will focus on actions that can be achieved through engineering, enforcement, and education to reduce future bicycle and pedestrian injuries.  In addition we will focus on ways to support progress on the 2015 California Ave Walk Audit and Central Loop trail project. Contact Cynthia with any questions @ 808-367-3471 (this number does not accept text) or email

Location: Lawn in front of Hawaii Public Nursing and next to Wahiawa Transit Center 910 California Avenue Wahiawa, HI. | Start: 6/24/2019 2:30:00 PM End:
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