Number of hours (CE credits): 2hrs Description: The racist history of sexualized in the U.S. has been well established; so too has the call to address its continued residual effects. In part then, this begs the question: Where do we, as a field, go from here? What does sexuality and, by extension, sexual health—look like in communities when the tactics of anti-Blackness are eliminated, and sexiness is not only affirmed, but actively encouraged and developed in optimal form? This workshop engages the audience in the consideration of an alternate framework for understanding sexuality, which could prove useful in shifting the quality of work we do to a more effective level. (NOTE: This workshop is useful for all sexuality practitioners, though particularly so for individuals who may do direct service with African American and urban Latinx populations.) Objectives: By the end of this session, participants will be able to: 1) Describe at least two key differences between eudaemonic & preventative sexual health discourses, and at least one way that the latter of these disproportionately affects U.S. Black and urban Latinx communities. 2) Identify and explain the 8 sexiness channels of Black Sexual Epistemology. 3) Devise at least two strategies for employing a BSE framework in sexuality education and/or therapeutic practice. Biography: Tracie Q. Gilbert, PhD, (she/they) is a researcher with the Interdisciplinary Sexuality Research Collaborative at Widener University, and an independent educator with her own firm, ThembiAnaiya, LLC. Tracie received her Masters of Science in Education at the University of Pennsylvania in 2009, and her PhD with the Center for Human Sexuality Studies, also at Widener University. Her dissertation was a grounded theory on the lived experience of sexuality among African Americans, from which she created a multi-layered, culturally-centered epistemology model of sexiness development. Widener student- On Campus- - $0.00 Widener student - Commuter - $0.00 Widener Faculty - $0.00 Widener Alumni - $12.50 General Admission - $25.00

Location: Widener University - University Center Room A 1 University Pl Chester, PA. | Start: 3/5/2019 6:00:00 PM End:
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